Woodworking Class - Jewelry Box

$ 75.00


This class will teach you how to make a wooden jewelry box. This class will focus heavily on the use of "production run" methods of woodworking. You will learn how to use stops, jigs, and setup gauges. This will enable you to efficiently make multiple items in a woodworking shop quickly without sacrificing quality or safety.

If you complete this class properly, you will leave with a completed jewelry box of your own construction.


  • Before taking this class, you must take the Woodworking Cutting Board class.

You will learn:

  • How to use the following tools:
    • Table Saw
    • Miter Saw
    • Power Drill
    • Router
    • Handsaws
    • Chisels
    • Hand Plane
    • Orbital Sander
    • Wood Clamps
  • Production run methods
  • Stops, jigs, and setup gauges


    Two day, 4 hour course

    Class Size

    6 Students

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