Woodworking Class - Cutting Board

$ 70.00


This class will teach you how to make a wooden cutting board. In making this cutting board you will learn many basic woodworking skills and become familiar with a variety of woodworking tools. You will also learn how to finish wood to create a durable, attractive surface that will last for many years.

If you complete this class properly, you will leave with a completed cutting board of your own construction.


  • This class can be a substitute for the Planer/Joiner safety class.

You will learn:

  • Woodworking glue selection
  • How to use the following tools:
    • Table saw
    • Planer
    • Jointer
    • Router
    • Wood clamps
    • Sanders
  • How to "dimension" lumber for project use
  • Clamping wood staves together to make larger work pieces
  • How to finish wood


    Two day, 4 hour course

    Class Size

    6 Students

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