Introduction to MIG Welding

$ 55.00


This class will get you familiar with the Lincoln PowerMIG 140. It will also teach you basic welding techniques and welding safety. This class is for welding mild steel only, it will not teach you how to weld aluminum or stainless steel.

You will learn:

  • Basic theory of how and why welding works.
  • How to configure the Lincoln PowerMIG 140 MIG welder.
  • Safety practices for MIG welding in regards to the equipment, yourself, and those around you.
  • How to properly lay a "bead" of weld on thin steel "coupons."
  • How to make "butt joints," "lap joints," and "tee joints" and when to use each.
  • Basic inspection of welds for porosity and structural weakness.

Safety Requirements

You must wear: Closed-toed shoes made of natural fibers or leather, natural fiber or leather long sleeved shirt, natural fiber or leather long pants. Welding hood, gloves and jacket will be provided by ATX Hackerspace.

If you do not have the appropriate attire when you show up for the class, you will be turned away and asked to reschedule the class.


One day, two hour course

We hold an Intro to MIG Welding class Saturdays between: 5:00pm - 9:00pm every week*!

Class Size

4 Students


Mobius - 

Joe Ngo - 


* If you require a different time to take this class, please email one of our instructors or for a time to suit you and the instructor excellently!
 **Note: The cost of this class includes the required $5 materials fee.

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